Changes 360


Mission Statement


“Changes” is a social enterprise that provides job readiness training and life coaching.


Our Objectives


To uphold the value of each human being; to train up to six persons each year; to offer training in a personalized one-on-one format; to arrange meaningful post-training placements; to maintain a long-term supportive relationship with our trainees after they successfully complete the program; to regularly evaluate our program in an effort to provide the best possible service.


Trainees are asked to make a commitment to volunteer 16 hrs over two months as a criteria for admission into the program. Once admitted each person’s time with us is determined by their personal goals and future needs, this may be designing further education plans or finding work. Each client is offered mentorship for up to two years.


All training is done in a real work environment with professional educators from our community. Personalized training matches the need of the client with lessons of the day. Training can be formal or informal depending on the need of the trainee.


Anyone having difficulty finding or maintaining a job may become one of our clients. They could be from shelters, other agencies, self-referrals, courts assigning community hours, post-treatment programs or those struggling on income assistance.

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“Changes” provides an opportunity for anyone serious about wanting to change their lives to learn the basics about maintaining a job.


We sell quality pre-owned goods. We have everything from vintage items and jewellery to household items, second-hand clothing, shoes, boots and so much more.


“Changes” is managed by staff who have experience working with people who have struggled to maintain employment.

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With great sadness we report having to close our doors to our beautiful boutique effective September 30th, 2015. Our hearts are full of gratitude and appreciation to you, our loyal customers of almost 8 years.