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Computers for Schools

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CFS-NB is a registered charity and is affiliated with the National Computer for Schools Program.

In addition to schools the following groups are eligible for equipment from CFS-NB:

                                                                      •All public and First Nation schools

                                                                      •Not-for-profit organizations

                                                                      •Special events

                                                                      •Government organizations and departments

Please contact us to see if you qualify for refurbished equipment.


For your protection, CFS-NB erases all data recorded on donated hard drives using either DBAN or Secure Erase. DBAN and Secure Erase were approved by the RCMP to erase all the information while superimposing the texts with zeros, making the text inaccessible.

Acceptable equipment:

•Desktop Computers



•LCD Monitors (all sizes)

•Powered Speakers

•Computer Mouses



•Scanners (USB; original software included)

•Fax machines


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CFS-NB provides environmental benefits by ensuring that computer systems do not end up in landfill sites but are, instead, reused and/or recycled.