Ready to start volunteering? The Connect Fredericton site offers several easy ways to find the right volunteer opportunities for you!


How to Find a Volunteer Opportunity


Start by going to the site.

If you're not logged into the site automatically (you'll need to have an account for that), you'll see the "Volunteer Now" button in the middle of your screen.


Just an observation:


Connect Fredericton runs on software developed by an American software company called Galaxy. It has been customized for Fredericton and the surrounding area. Unfortunately there is no local contact person listed on the site. The usual contact button at the bottom of the page has been removed from this iteration of the software. Nonetheless, it works well giving both the potential volunteer and the organizations that have identified a need for a volunteer(s) an opportunity to connect.


Make your choices carefully.


When using the site, please make your choices to volunteer thoughtfully and enjoy the experience, and, make your choices carefully as there is no one identified as a local representative of the website. There are no local contact numbers and no local email addresses for the website. However, it does seem to work well.


The FAN is listed on Connect Fredericton.

Connect Fredericton

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