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Al Knowlton, President 2017-2018

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Epsilon Y’s Men’s Club hosted the first Fredericton Home Show 1982.  The Fredericton Home Show continues annually in Fredericton to bring interested businesses together to exhibit and talk with many interested shoppers who attended. The funds received from these shows have enabled the Epsilon Club to support more worthy causes and included the establishment of annual scholarships that are awarded to high school graduates.


Epsilon Y’s Service Club (no longer a men’s club) committed $100,000 towards the construction cost of the new Fredericton YMCA at 570 York Street. Since the clubs inception 60 years ago, it has been estimated that over one million dollars has been distributed to the Fredericton YMCA and the Fredericton community.

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We are a charitable organization that works in partnership with our community to develop people in Spirit, Mind and Body.


As part of the YMCA movement, we promote the basic human rights and needs of all individuals at home and abroad.

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“A leader in building healthy people and healthy communities.”

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