Fredericton Area Network Inc.


Local Contact for the FAN

Chris Grady

506 476-7756

[email protected]

Fredericton Area Network Inc.


We are a group of retired individuals who have an interest in computers and are able to procure slightly older computers that we refurbish and donate to individuals and not-for-profit organizations.

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The current volunteers with the FAN already have had the experience of how rewarding it is to provide technical assistance and equipment to people with disabilities. As an organization we wish to encourage and assist other retired people with technical backgrounds to join us in lending a very meaningful helping hand to people with disabilities, other seniors and low income families in our community.

The Logue Memorial Award 2014 recipient is the Fredericton Area Network (FAN) Inc. Pictured are Lt.-Governor Graydon Nicholas, left, TAC President Michele Madore, FAN President Chris Grady, and FAN members Bob Andrews (Secretary Treasurer), Bill Brayall and Allison Warren. Absent from the photo are FAN members Murray Swan (Vice President), Willard Miller and Llewellyn Brewer.

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