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Fredericton Lions Club Projects


Dippy Dog - This is our main project. We operate a trailer and sell these dogs and pop and water all week during the Fredericton Exhibition week.(A Dippy Dog (TM) is a battered deep fried hot dog on a stick.) it has a much better taste that a Pogo due to our super secret recipie. What is the recipie?? Well, if I were to tell you - you know the rest :).


Wheels to Meals - Our members assist the Fredericton Lioness with this community project. If you are familiar with Wheels on Meals, this is the reverse. Seniors come to the church and enjoy a meal and entertainment. Our members and the ladies serve this meal and assist in the clean up afterwards.


Blind Bowling - Members assist the blind and visually impaired to bowl. There is a Provincial roll off in March every year.

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Club President Lion Barry Shewfelt (506) 447-8638

Club Secretary Lion Leo Paul Leger (506) 472 - 4135

                        [email protected]

Fredericton Lions Club meets at the Sobeys Regent Street Community Room on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:30. Please contact the club secretary for visits.


Postal Address:

Fredericton Lions Club

153 Gill Street

Fredericton, NB E3A 3A7 Canada

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