Fredericton SPCA


Shelter Location

165 Hilton Road


New Brunswick


[email protected]

(506) 459-1555

Proactive education and community-outreach services dedicated to animal welfare.

The Fredericton SPCA positively impacts animal welfare by:


•Advocating and promoting humane, responsible, animal guardianship;


•Providing temporary shelter, care and adoption opportunities for animals in need

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2014 marks the 100th Anniversary of the Fredericton SPCA in the Fredericton community.


"It is probably true to say that the most important piece of legislation for animal welfare societies in Canada is the Criminal Code. The Code is remarkable document. It covers almost every aspect of social life. Since values and priorities change, so must the Code change to ensure that it remains relevant. This is especially true of those parts of the Code which refer to the abuse of animals."

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Volunteer Opportunities

The Fredericton SPCA has opportunities for volunteers in many areas of the shelter working with, and for, the animals.

Retired Major League Baseball star Matt Stairs is the community ambassador for the Fredericton SPCA Inc.

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