Harvey Volunteer Fire Department


Harvey Volunteer

Fire Department

2234 Route 3

Harvey, York County

NB, E6K 1N8


P: 506-366-3550

E: [email protected]

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From our family to yours, welcome.   Our mission is to provide the best protection and service possible to our community.

Jerrad Swan, Fire Chief  

The importance of the volunteer fire service to our community cannot be overemphasized nor should it be taken for granted. Today’s firefighter is expected to respond to an ever increasing variety of situations. Often times fire is not a part of the incident at all, but the fire department is the best equipped and best trained organization to service our community towards reducing losses and available to respond to the emergency needs of our community.


The Harvey Volunteer Fire Department provides quality fire suppression, fire prevention, and rescue services to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Harvey Station and surrounding communities. Fires, however, are only some of the emergencies to which the Harvey Fire Department responds. A large number of the calls are, in fact, for motor vehicle accidents and requests for medical assistance.


The Harvey Fire Department is constantly looking for community spirited, motivated men and women for volunteer recruitment.

If you have attained the age of 18 years, you may have a future serving our community proudly, by becoming a Volunteer Fire Fighter.