Hiram Lodge # 6


Hiram Lodge #6

907 Prospect Street West,

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Hiram Lodge # 6


Hiram lodge meets on the first Thursday of every month (except July and August) at 7:30pm at the Masonic Hall on Prospect Street in Fredericton, NB. If you are a brother visiting Fredericton, why not stop in and say hello? If you're interested in more fellowship, we hold a dinner prior to each meeting at 6:30pm.

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Hiram Lodge has had from the start a reputation for hospitality and social life, from early boat and train excursions, dances in Masonic Regalia, picnics, barbecues, and dinners. An annual feature is the lodge's June Barbecue, where for the last few years it has been the chore of the newest members to assist with the cooking and serving as an introduction to the lodge's social life.

The history of Freemasonry within New Brunswick has been influenced by the Masonic presence in and around what is now the City of Fredericton. New Brunswick Lodge No 541 of English Registry dated to 02 April 1789 at Fredericton; St George's Lodge No 19 of Nova Scotia Registry dated 17 Aug 1789 at Maugerville and the original Solomon's Lodge No 22 of Nova Scotia Registry, dated to 15 August 1792, though terminated in 1829 all presented Freemasonry to early New Brunswick.


Solomon Lodge of the Grand Lodge of New Brunswick, continued the trend as an outcome of the membership of the old Lodge No 22 when it was constituted by the United Grand Lodge of England on 01 January 1846 as Lodge No 764, changed in 1862 to Lodge No 522, surrendering its English warrant for a warrant of the new Grand Lodge of New Brunswick 13 May 1879, to become New Brunswick Lodge No 6.

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