John Howard Society Fredericton NB

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Role of John Howard Societies in Canada

The John Howard Societies in Canada perform essentially two roles: advocating to the Government of Canada for correctional and criminal justice policy that adheres to the principles of "effective, just and humane"; and, deliver best practice services that embody these principles and are shown to be economically responsible and accountable to the communities in which our offices are located.


John Barrow, Executive Director


[email protected]

294 Main Street St

Fredericton, NB E3A 1C9


Fax: 506-444-0081

[email protected]

How can I volunteer?

Google up your local office, phone the Executive Director and ask about volunteering opportunities. If you have special skills, you might be an excellent candidate for a board member position. We're always looking to carry our message to more people because we don't think we have to choose between our values and the evidence of what works: our values accord with the evidence of what works.


John Howard Society’s 5-Point Plan


  1. Respect Presumption of Innocence

  2. Sue for Peace in the War on Drugs

  3. Treat Rather than Punish the Mentally Ill

  4. Proportionate and Constructive Penalties

  5. From Confinement to Contribution: Effective Corrections