Multi Cultural Association of Fredericton (MCAF)


Formed in 1974, the Multicultural Association of Fredericton Inc. (MCAF) plays a vital role in establishing communication and fostering understanding between the community, settled immigrants and newcomers.

Volunteers play an essential role at MCAF, providing valuable information and support to newcomers as they adapt to Canadian culture.

Being a volunteer tutor for English or French as a Second Language: Volunteers can meet with newcomer participants individually or in small groups.

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Being  matched with newcomers arriving in Fredericton to  facilitate newcomers’ participation in the community. This experience gives both the volunteer and the newcomer the opportunity to learn more about the others culture and community.

Multicultural Association of Fredericton Inc.

28 Saunders St

Fredericton New Brunswick

Canada E3B 1N1


Tel: (506) 454-8292

Fax: (506) 450-9033

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