The Cultural Centre (the Centre)


The Cultural Centre (the Centre) is the epicentre for the Greater Fredericton’s cultural community and non-profit groups. Located in the heart of Fredericton, the Centre offers flexible office, meeting and event space for cultural groups, non-profits and the businesses that support them.

Home to the Multicultural Association of Fredericton (MCAF) and Makers Space the Centre is a cost-effective resource for groups and organizations seeking both long-term and/or short-term space.

As part of the re-branding, the new name is "The Cultural Centre (the Centre)" while the organization will retain the legal name of Fredericton Intercultural Centre, Inc.

 coordinator (@)

 (506) 462-3003

fax: (506) 459-6803

 28 Saunders St, Fredericton, NB

(the old YMCA building)

Short-Term Rental:

Events & Gatherings


Training / Workshops

Cultural Activites

Sporting Events

Dance / Fitness

Long-Term Lease:

Office Space

Education / Classrooms

Training / Workshops

General Purpose Space


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