Third Age Centre

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The Third Age Centre is an autonomous, community-based, non-profit organization, housed at Saint Thomas University.


The Centre's membership is predominantly made up of older adults (50+). However, an interest in, and a concern for, the issues that affect aging is of primary importance for all members.


The Centre was established in 1991 under the auspices of the Chair in Gerontology at Saint Thomas University. It is now an independent organization, although Saint Thomas continues its support by providing office space, and in kind support.


The mission of the Third Age Centre is to empower older adults to maintain healthy, independent, active lifestyles.

Membership ?

The Third Age Centre is a volunteer organization maintained by income from membership fees, donations and bequests. From time to time, research contracts are undertaken.


The work of the Centre is carried out predominantly by older adults. Empowering our members to carry out research, and undertake advocacy, as regards seniors is central to meeting our mission and our mandate. Basically, the Third Age Centre operates on the principle of seniors helping seniors.


Third Age Centre

Holy Cross House, Room G14, St Thomas University, Fredericton NB E3B 5G3

Email: [email protected]                          Phone: (506) 452 0526